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Permanent make-up (tattooing) is a layered, superficial introduction of a pigment into the skin. It is carried out by special apparatus with the thinnest needles by method of micro-punctures.

The procedure is painless and not dangerous for your health. To stars with, the master as make-up artist suggests the most suitable shape for your face. Only after your agreement and the application of anesthesia, the artist starts to work. We use only the best consumables of European and American manufacturers; only disposable and sterile products and a strong non-injection anesthesia.

Modern technologies and skills of specialists not only guarantee a non-traumatic and painless procedure, but also provide an absolutely comfortable period of healing, which will take only a few days, by soft scaling of imperceptible crusts. It is absolutely not necessary to change your habits of normal way of life during this period.

The result is preserved for several years! Imagine this!!

You simply do not need to use makeup for several years. At any time of the day you look great! This procedure is suitable for ladies of any age and with different types of skin.


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